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Contemplating a Career Move? Trying to Find that Next Great Role?

All over the world, mid-career professionals, from senior professionals to managers and executives, are held back from making a better living, and furthering their careers because of the marketing gap. Their inability to understand what they are selling, and therefore, what their targets should be and effectively employ the strategy and tactics necessary to be in control of their professional journey creates a host of potential problems.

The impact of all of this is likely confusion, a feeling of scarcity, low confidence, and perhaps feeling trapped and having to settle.

The Solution: Level-Up Your Market Readiness Skills

My aim is to give you the tools, strategies and knowledge you need to make strong career transitions, now and for the rest of your career. I want you to be intentional about your purpose, your strategy and your process.

I can tell you with great certainty that for most people in most career transition situations, it is very dangerous to simply “dust off the resume” and start sending it out.

When it comes to making key career moves, the old saying Aim, Aim, Fire really applies. Particularly when the change you are going to make is not an obvious one. And there is so much more to a healthy, successful career than career transitions.

Core Truths about Managing Your Career

You cannot always control the timing of transitions: You may be forced into a transition due to external circumstances. Or, you may find yourself presented with an opportunity. Being truly market ready enables you to better handle either of these situations.

It's more than a Job: If you are on this site using your valuable time, then your job is more than a job to you. Get it right and things are great. But get it wrong, and a whole host of impact on our well-being and financial security hit.

Being Market Ready Has a Ripple Effect: You will think and act differently based on self-knowledge, confidence and a sense of direction. You will be more purposeful. You will be more impactful in your dealings with colleagues, customers/clients, vendors and the professional network. You will be planting seeds for the future. I cannot overstate how impactful this can be for you.

Creation vs. Survival: A career well managed creates the opportunity for design vs. reaction. To expand and grow, rather than just survive and get by. Following proven steps increases the likelihood that you will be in a situation where you feel like you are choosing, rather than settling for something that you really don't want. It is an amazing feeling to know that you have options!

It's in your hands. The upsides to truly being Market Ready are enormous, and frankly, life changing. I want to help provide that to you.

Of course, you are in the driver’s seat. I don’t know your career situation. I don’t know your relative strength in your marketplace. And again, this is an introductory course, focused on highlighting what is important.

And, I have a condition. If you are looking for a magic wand or a quick fix like “Use this font and you will be hired” - you are in the wrong place. This course assumes, and frankly the reality of the marketplace dictates, that you behave with a sense of personal responsibility and that YOU do the heavy lifting of figuring out your professional offering.

Truly managing your career isn’t supposed to be “easy.” Your professional journey is complex. If you truly want more control over your professional journey, if you want to unlock your career potential, you need to do the important work of reflection, recording, analyzing and packaging.

What will this resource help you with?

You are Engaging in an urgent or passive Job Search

You are preparing for a Career Change

You see the value in being better prepared for future moves

You have an internal move or promotion opportunity

What I can tell you is that over and over clients and students have avoided painful career decisions, improved interview rates and performance, successfully changed industries and careers, and found work more aligned with their values and ambitions.

My goals for you in taking this course are:

  • Increasing your probability of landing that dream job
  • Getting paid what you're worth
  • A shorter, more efficient job search
  • Not losing valuable years of your career in a job that doesn't inspire you

Let's close that marketing gap. Here’s what we’ll cover.

  • In Module 1, I present concepts on career design, uncover what you need to know about marketplace dynamics, review different professional journeys, and share with you key Secrets to help you close your marketing gap.
  • In Module 2, we dig into understanding the concept of professional assets and do the work of taking inventory of your experience, skills, drivers and work personality.
  • In Module 3 you will audit your marketplace and put together a draft of your offering and your natural target markets
  • In Module 4, we connect the dots between your offering and your market, both for a specific opportunity facing you as well as for your general search.
  • Finally, in Module 5, we put it all together to discuss and examine the resume, your brand platform and best practices moving forward.

You will spend most of your life at work - now is the time to take control of career and realize your potential.

Who am I?

Hi. My name is Ian and I am the founder of the Bold Career Project and the creator and host of the Career Growth Academy. For over 22 years I have been focused on helping experienced professionals like you build personal brands, navigate the marketplace and make successful career changes. My mission: To help mid-level and senior-level professionals design and lead rewarding, fulfilling and successful professional journeys.

My Credentials include...

Career Consultant, Career Coach: Supported hundreds of clients over the years with career changes, job searches, re-branding efforts, LinkedIn strategy, resume development, interview training and more.

MBA Career Centre Director @ UBC Sauder, Global Top-100 B-school: Where I developed, led and taught learning programs to help MBAs achieve career changes and get to the next level including classes in career change, interviewing, LinkedIn strategy

Writer & speaker: Articles published to tens of millions of readers through Monster, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Workopolis, and many other platforms.'s Career Change Expert & Management Careers Expert

Job Board Product Director: Sr. Director at where I led initiatives related to the freelance and executive markets

Careers Entrepreneur: Founded and sold a start-up to a large internet company. Continue to find new ways to innovate and serve.

Executive Recruiter: 100,000's of resumes, 10,000 career conversations, 1000 interviews & negotiated 200+ executive placements

I've made it my mission to help you grow your career and find and do the work you're meant to do.

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Now, are you ready to take the next step towards your dream career?

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